Need a pet to give to your mom for Mother's Day but afraid she won't be inspired by the present due to the feeding and cleaning that's included? What if you could give the gift of a ranch animal without the fuss and muss?

It's always hard coming up with the right gift for dear ol' mom on Mother's Day. Father's, a pair of socks or a tie for dear old dad and you're good to go, but for Mom...hmmm. You always want to step up your game for your mom. This may be the way to go this year.

This year sponsor a Longmeadow Rescue Ranch Barn Buddy! Barn Buddies are the special animal ambassadors at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, the horse and farm animal rescue ranch operated by the Humane Society of Missouri. By sponsoring a Barn Buddy, it helps cover the cost of feeding, boarding, and medical care for all the animals at Longmeadow.

If a llama is not the right fit for your momma, many other Barn Buddies can be sponsored, like:

  • Laverne & Shirley – wonderfully friendly Nigerian dwarf goats, an especially fun duo
  • Penelope – a friendly Toulouse Goose who enjoys a frequent dip in the kiddie pool
  • Teddy – a miniature horse with a love for people’s attention
  • Geppetto – a miniature donkey who just can’t say no to another treat … or two
  • Peanut – the social turkey always on the hunt for the next good shoulder to perch on

You can view all Barn Buddy options at

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