I think this has been a question for men for years. You want to do the right thing on Mother's Day. Of course, you buy something for your mom but should you purchase a gift for your spouse?

It's a given...if you don't get something for your mom on her designated one day of the year, you're the worst son and/or daughter ever! But the question that surfaces every year is should there either be a card and/or a gift for the spouse. I mean she is the mother of your children!

Now, if you want to keep peace in the house and you want to keep out of the proverbial doghouse, the answer is a resounding YES!

Here's another thought that you might keep in mind. Having had step-parents and being one through my years, you should always include that step mom in that loop. It probably means as much if not more for a step parent to receive a card/gift/phone call from the step child than it does from their own children. It's always nice to know that you're remembered and appreciated.

With the buying and presenting-of-the gift process a little different this year, a click of the mouse can easily take care of those gifts. And just a reminder...that device you spend a lot of your time on checking social media and email posts can also be used to call your mamma! Take some time out of your day to tell your mom how much you care.

With that said...get to work and make the day fantastic for all those great

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