Well, you might not be aware of this, but I've written a LOT of these things for our stations.


I mean, it's over two thousand. I think after a while, you forget about what you've written about and what you haven't, and sometimes you even forget if you had a half baked idea and you just never wrote it up.

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I keep Post It notes everywhere, because I find that if I get an idea and don't write it down, then.  Well, I just forget it.  Sometimes, even WITH the note, I don't remember where I was going with the idea.

Well, here a few ideas I had that just didn't end up coming to fruition.  Either I lost motivation, the demand didn't seem to be there, or information just came to a dead end.

1.  Pettis County's Most Wanted.

This would have been me working pretty much straight with the Sedalia  Police about people they have on their most wanted list.  Photos, charges, and tips about what to do if you encountered someone on the list.  But I couldn't really get started on this one without participation from the SPD. They kind of do their own version of this on their social media accounts, so I get why they didn't call back.  They've got enough to do.

2.   Overthinking The Classics - High On You by Survivor.

TBH, I'm not sure I wanna completely let go of this one yet.  The song really does have some extreme lyrics that you can definitely take out of context and turn into something out a horror movie.  Might revisit that one someday.

3.   Sedalia's Hidden Gems.

I was thinking this one would be a series. I would go by smaller organizations, businesses, restaurants, etc, in the Sedalia area and talk about them a little, etc.  I did one entry, but... after that I couldn't really get anybody else to bite.  Nobody seemed interested in having  a rando come by and take pictures and ask questions.   Again, makes sense.  They have their businesses to run, and for all they know I'm not really me and I'm a spam account or something.  Although I might be willing to bring this one back if I get a good invitation/suggestion.

4.  A Guide to How Law Enforcement Reports Are Written Up For The News.

Every now and then I think about maybe writing this idea up.   I mean, just explaining how we get the reports, what information is included, why some information isn't, how SPD, MSHP and the PCSO all differ in how they give us information, etc.   I think part of me wanted to do it to point out one thing, but.... to be honest sometimes it might be best to leave it be.  It's a sensitive topic,  and I don't wanna overstep. And sometimes it can be hard for people to understand the difference between a piece I'm writing that is my opinion, and a piece that is news.

So anyway, those ideas haven't gone completely away, but haven't come to fruition, either.  What kind of topics do you like to read about online?

Articlingly yours,


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