We can't get Missouri's favorite french fries here in small town Missouri. But that's OK because I think they're a little overrated anyway.

A website called TakeSpruce.com, which wants to sell you CBD oil that won't get you high, did a study on what french fry is America's favorite, and what fry is the most popular in each state. Probably so you'll go over their website, look at the survey results and then go what the heck is this Take Spruce website all about and click through to see their selling CBD oil. I clicked so you don't have too. Anyway, that's not important. What's important is Missouri's favorite fry.

According to TakeSpruce.com they determined favorite fries by looking "at Google Trends search results to analyze the popularity of 24 different fast food chains’ fries and also looked into the search results around different types of fries, like curly, waffle or even chili cheese. We then looked at the data state by state and crunched some numbers to find out the most popular fast food fries around the nation."

Take Spruce says Missouri's favorite fries come from Five Guys. Five Guys is a burger chain that was all the rage a few years back. If you've traveled to Columbia or into the Kansas City area you may have seen them or even eaten them. I think their burgers are better than the fries.

Five Guys fries are "fresh cut potatoes cooked in pure, no-cholesterol, 100% peanut oil." Fries cut right from potatoes with the skin left on aren't my favorite. And when I'd get 'em at Five Guys, they weren't very crunchy. At the time I had them, people also raved about how generous the portions were. Not at the Five Guys I patronized. They always seemed stingy. Especially for the price.


My favorite fires? Probably McDonald's. A hot carton of fries fresh from the fryer dipped in a chocolate shake. Yeah that's my favorite. Culver's crinkle fries and Arby's curly fries tie for second in my book.

McDonald's by the way were christened America's favorite french fry, placing first in sixteen states. Take Spruce says Burger King's fries came in second and Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, which come on and off the menu placed third.

Splitting up the states geographically into the West, Midwest, Northeast and South. Every geographic region's favorite fry was the clown's except the South. They chose Popeye's. They happen to offer Cajun fries and poutine.


There were some state's that had their favorites that didn't dominate the list at all. For example Shake Shack is popular in New York, Culver's is popular in it's home state of Wisconsin, and the often talked about Whataburger is Texas' favorite.

The truth in my book. The best fries are the hot out of the fryer fries I just picked up at the drive through with my meal. Because really, for me to make an extra stop for my fries-- the fries you serve have to be really bad. Yeah, Burger King, I'm giving you the side eye.

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