What if you had a choice of where you could spend your summer. Midwest with the heat and the humidity or the Desert Southwest with very little/no humidity and definitely lots of heat?

I was thinking about the options of where I'd like to be because I just got through spending some time in Arizona. Now during the winter months it's definitely nice to be under the Arizona sun with those warm days and cool nights. Now hang on...don't throw me out to the wolves just yet. I'm not saying I don't enjoy winter in Missouri either. There's just more moments, i.e., freezing temperatures, ice and snow that if I had the choice, I'd rather do without sometimes.

Summers are something else in both locations. Until you've experienced both climates during the summer months, it may be a toss-up for you. I do know as I've gotten older, the warmth is my friend and the cold is not.

We decided to put it to the test and find out what you had to say. We posted the question on our KIX 105.7 Facebook page. Here's some of the responses-

Doug S. - I love the 4 seasons of the year with the weather that's supposed to appear that you get in Missouri. So I'll stick with the Show Me State.

Agnes L.R. - Arizona has high temps yes but a 100* temp there feels like 80* in Missouri all because they have No Humidity.

Yvette A.N. - I've never been to Arizona in the summer...but my dad loved it out there...I'm more of a -12 weather kinda gal

Tina S. - Arizona! I am from Missouri, but if you have ever been to the dessert, you realize it's the humidity that is killing you. Lol

Cady W. - Missouri woman all the way. We learned how to keep cool as kids. Im too old to learn how to survive a new kind of heat lol

I'm planning on being in Missouri during the summer of 2021 so I guess my choice, for now, will be the heat and the humidity!

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