We gave you a story a couple of days ago asking the question-"Are Students Being Taught How to Survive in the "Real World" After HS?" As of the writing of this story we had over 3,600 likes and 112 comments on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page. We decided it was a good idea to let you know what was said.

Before we get to the comments, I want to throw in one of my own. When I was in high school, I feel like my "real life" courses were not only in the classroom but also outside the school. I held at least one part-time job through school. I worked at the local radio station and during my summers I put up hay. I feel like I learned the value of a dollar. I had a loan for my used car, (65 Chevy Nova II-loved that car!) I had a checking and savings account, too. I pretty much paid for anything and everything that I wanted or needed. (Or what I could afford!) I feel like I was as prepared as I could be for after high school.

I worked on my own car. I did the oil changes, I tuned it up. I bought the tires. I bought and installed my first AM/FM/8-Track stereo. I knew how to change a tire. I was prepared

So the we go back to the question-"Are Students Being Taught How to Survive in the "Real World" After HS?"

Here's some more of the comments we received-

Deb W.K. - Balancing a checkbook; when to change the oil in your car; how to check/replace a furnace filter; how to budget your income.....

Melissa H. -

CURSIVE!!!!!! Why would they take something that important away from are children.
1) You have to have a cursive signature.
2) You'll need it in the future for legal documents. Such as:
1) home loans
2) car loans
3) signature to write a check
4)signature for operations
5)The list is endless
Who's ever ideal it was to STOP teaching cursive handwriting should have had their teaching license took away from them and suspended indefinitely it was an ignorant ideal.

Kim L. - FACS and Industrial Arts (which in my time was home ec. and shop) should be mandatory. Every student needs to be educated in basic life skills.

Brittany G. W. - Where their food comes from. From a farmer not just a grocery store!

Sedville Buck - Interview skills... balancing your money..basic home and car repair.. Drop Algebra all together

Those are just a few more of the many comments we received. We'd love for you to weigh in with more.

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