The Missouri Department of Natural Resources released its 2021 Census of Missouri Public Water Systems. So with this report how do you think Sedalia's water consumption compares to other area towns/cities?

I would say this is a sure bet. Most people get their drinking water from a source other than straight from their tap. I know in my household we get our drinking water from the refrigerator. Now of course the water comes from the city and runs through a filtering system in my frig before I drink it. For some it's from bottled water. Whatever the source of your drinking water, for some the tap water is not a taste they care to consume.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the tap water in Sedalia. Now, I have been in areas of the state where it was almost impossible to choke down a glass of water. Two of the areas I'm familiar with is the Rich Hill and El Dorado Springs areas. If you've ever heard someone say that the water tastes like rotten eggs, this would be the taste of their water. Sulphur is the culprit. At least it used to be from when I was a kid.

But this report isn't based on how the water tastes. The category that we're going to highlight is how many gallons of water is consumed

So let's get back to the subject-How Does Water in Sedalia Compare to Other Area Cities?

In the report from the Missouri DNR, it rated how much water is consumed in each municipality. So the rating numbers we will be using is Average Daily Consumption/Million Gallons per Day (MGD) The city of Sedalia's daily water consumption is 3.200. If I'm reading this graph correctly, the City of Sedalia's usage/consumption is 3,200,000 gallons of water a day. That's right...over 3.2 million gallons of water on a daily basis.

Here's some other area towns/cities and their average daily consumption-

Smithton-.0360-36,000 gallons per day

La Monte-.0650-65,000 gallons per day

Windsor-.2940-294,000 gallon per day

Warsaw-.0280-28,000 gallons per day

Hughesville-.0100-10,000 gallons per day

Now these numbers are from my interpretation of the information released by the Missouri DNR. If you'd like to see more information go to

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