Here's some good news to end the year. Missouri drivers should be paying less at the pump in 2024 if the prediction from Gas Buddy works out the way they think it will.

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Gas Buddy says after two years of above-average gas prices, 2024 should bring relief at the pump for drivers as several factors contribute to lower prices heading into next year. Gas Buddy is forecasting a national average price of gasoline in 2024 to be $3.38 a gallon next year, vs. $3.51 a gallon this year.

Highlights from Gas Buddy's Fuel Outlook indicate:

  • Gasoline could fall below a national average of $3.00 a gallon this winter, before potentially rising to $4.00 a gallon as summer approaches.
  • Most major U.S. cities will see prices peak near $3.56-$4.04 a gallon in May going into the Memorial Day holiday.
  • Electric vehicles and the 2024 presidential election have the potential to impact fuel prices over the next year.

What does this mean for Missouri drivers?  To be blunt, cheaper gas for all!

AAA Gas Prices report that today's national average for a gallon of gasoline is $3.12 so that lends credence to Gas Buddy's outlook that we could see a national average of $3.00 a gallon of gas after the holidays wrap up.

The average price of gas in Missouri TODAY already beats the $3.00 national average predicted by Gas Buddy coming in at $2. 69 a gallon.

I don't know about you, but I like these trends. If what Gas Buddy says is true, prices at the pump will be downright reasonable for the next couple of months before rising as we head towards the switch of fuel to its summer formulation and the first of the big summer holidays in May. Heck, as we go through the summer, prices might be better than last summer, I'll take that in a minute.

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