We all have probably watched the news in some capacity.  We know gas prices are a big deal, and if any of us have to commute to work, or have a job that has us driving more than the average person, then the cost of gas is an issue.  Contrary to popular belief, the President has no control of the price.  No matter what side of the political aisle you are on.  They never have.  People have been touting that prices were so low when the former President was in office.  We had a pandemic that we were going through, no one was driving anywhere and demand was low.  Now that we are coming out of it, demand is higher, and the prices are going up.

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According to AAA, the average price of gas dropped 5 cents over the past week.    As of Monday morning, AAA said the average in Missouri was $3.73, down from $3.78 last week.  Prices are still higher compared to a month ago, when a gallon of gas in Missouri averaged $3.48. One year ago the average was $2.64.

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I happen to have the Gas Buddy app on my phone.  If you are not familiar with this app, you should download it.  It is free and it allows you to search for the cheapest price for gas in your area, or a particular zip code.  This is wonderful for driving long distances, or while on vacation.  As of this writing, the Murphy's on Broadway had the cheapest gas at $3.57 a gallon.  You can click HERE for more info on why the prices may be going down a bit.  This app will also give you options on being able to get money back or discounts on gas.

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I Googled "Are Gas Companies Making Record Profits" and it looks like they have been.  Click HERE for that article.  For the longest time, we have been so reliant on oil, that it does appear that in some instances, the gas companies can charge whatever they want.  Finding other ways to be less reliant on gas, could make the prices come down a little lower.  I realize that this isn't always an option, but if we can find little ways to limit our gas use, we could be better off.  Even if it is only a nickel a gallon, it can make a difference.  So what have you done to try and save a little on gas?

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