Friday afternoon I got to go to Car Mart, where they were having a big "half off the down" payment sale for Memorial Day.

Car Mart almost always does a good cookout of some kind whenever we're there.


They were also doing a giveaway.    Waterloo donated a Tool Box to Car Mart, they're going to give it away with the proceeds going to the local Boys and Girls Club!


I had tickets to the Picadilly Circus (one lady bought a car yesterday and came back expressly today to see if she could get some of those tickets!) and to Big Surf waterpark.


And they let me come in every now and then and cool off, since it was a very warm and humid day.   And, not to mention, I'm a sensitive, delicate flower that needs babying.


They'll be open on Memorial Day, so feel free to stop on by if you couldn't make it by today.   You could get a chance to win that tool box!  Think of what a great gift that could be for Father's Day.....

Martily yours,