Guys, I know you're super excited about The Big Game.

I know you are! NJ is beside himself, he's so excited. He's already made me promise that I'm going to make my buffalo chicken dip to bring to his party. Well, it's not really a huge party ner nothin, just me and him, his sister and her husband, and maybe his best friend. But, there will be dogs nearby - possibly two huskies and/or a seventy pound slobber factory that thinks she's a lap dog.


That's Ruthie.

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That's Layla.  Not pictured is her brother, Ronan.

ANYWAY.  It's going to be a typical Big Game party, I'm sure, meaning there will be tons of delicious, high calorie, not at all good for me foods all around.  And since that will be the case...we've got to be a little careful.  These dogs may or may not be singing the wretched songs of their people come party time, because we're all eating the food and they are not.  And you know that face.  The "Please Feed Me, I've Never Had Food And Don't Know What It Is" face that a begging dog can get.  It's cute, but be strong.

It may seem harmless, but you should avoid sharing food with your pet. I know, it's hard! And I'm sure you'll have a ton of tasty foods at your football party too.  But "Real Simple" put together a list of some dangerous foods for a dog, cat, bird or other pet.  You can be sure to keep these out of their greedy little maws come party time. Check it out.

1. Chocolate. It stimulates their heart and nervous system. And it's dangerous for all species of pet, but especially dogs.

2. Grapes or raisins. Both are poisonous to cats and dogs because they can damage their kidneys.  This could be avoided just by not putting any in the potato salad, JANET.

3. Garlic and onions. They can cause anemia in cats and dogs.  We're probably safe to some level here, because NJ has as strong an aversion to onions as I do to bananas.

4. Macadamia nuts. These can cause muscle and nervous system damage in dogs.

5. Avocados. These are harmful to most species, but especially birds. They can damage the heart muscle.

Does your pet eat human food? What do you give them? What's their favorite?

Petly yours,

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