Kansas City Mayor Quintin Lucas wants the NBA's Toronto Raptors to play at T-Mobile Center in Kansas City if they're forced to create a home base of operations in the United States because of COVID-19 restrictions.

On Saturday Mayor Lucas tweeted an invitation to the Raptors to play in Kansas City:

I’ve received a few messages on this. Obviously, we already share the #WeTheNorth hashtag, the@Raptors

in KC would be a perfect match. We will make sure the right folks know #KCMO and @tmobilecenter are ready. #NBA #MoKanSports

That's not where it ended. Yesterday morning Mayor Lucas made an observation about Kansas City and Toronto in both English and French on Twitter.


And Chiefs QB, Royal's owner and Kansas City resident Patrick Mahomes put in his two cents. Which Mayor Lucas then re-tweeted:


The Raptors Rapture website posted an article Sunday outlining possible places the Raptors could play, and also cites a Yahoo story that debunks the Raptors in Louisville rumors.

Raptors Rapture explores three cities with potential to host the Raptors. Rochester, New York; Hampton Roads, Virginia; And Kansas City. The article looks at the pros and cons of each city. Kansas City's pros are it's proximity to the University of Kansas, the capacity of the arena, and the population. All pluses, if there's going to be fans allowed. Negatively, K.C. being in the central time zone is a negative for broadcast purposes.

The time zone difference isn't really an issue if fans aren't in the building. And if the Raptors wanted to start games at 6:00PM CST, for a 7:00PM EST broadcast start in Toronto, I still think fans who love basketball will show up. I also think perhaps, Missouri's rather lax COVID-19 restrictions could give K.C. an edge if the NBA is thinking fans in attendance at some point next season.

So how probable is it the Raptors play in Kansas City next season? I don't know. I do know Patrick Mahomes wanted a Whataburger, and Kansas City is getting Whataburger. It's 2020, anything can happen. Including the NBA in Kansas City.


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