Ladies, see and be seen on Friday night April 1 at Warrensburg Main Street's Strut Your Style Fashion Show presented by Piccadilly at MKI Papillion on West Ming.

This all-women fashion show was created for you to show off your style. According to the Warrensburg Mainstreet website, whether you're into high fashion, athleisure, chic, or day-to-day clothes, this is the event where you should feel comfortable strutting your stuff.

And while you're showing off and strutting your style you'll get to check out the latest fashions available at Downtown Warrensburg boutiques.

Doors open at 6:00 PM CDT, and tickets are $75 a person. Proceeds will go directly back into Downtown Warrensburg for free community events, public art, downtown clean-ups, and business resources.

Whether you've ever wanted to strut your style, or just get out for an evening with your friends the Strut Your Style Fashion Show sounds like a fun night out with the girls. Additionally, the fact that you're learning about some of what's offered at Warrensburg's downtown boutiques while helping make downtown stronger is an added bonus.

Tickets are $75 dollars, plus a $3 dollar service fee and you can purchase them on the Warrensburg Main Street website.

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