Becky Thomas

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  Too many people have been effected by this horrible disease.  Becky Thomas is a breast cancer survivor, one of the original "blues sisters" and a great friend.  Here are her words and insights on Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when health care experts, cancer survivors and research supporters pull out all the stops to make everyone aware of the need for proper breast cancer screenings, better detection tools and more research aimed at finding a cure. I can appreciate that, but to me Breast Cancer Awareness means so much more.

It's more personal than being aware of screenings and detection. It's about being familiar with our bodies and being able to recognize any changes in our breasts. Not all breast cancer presents itself as a lump. Breast changes such as heaviness, discharge, redness and dimpling are all possible symptoms and should be checked out immediately. Breast Cancer Awareness means being aware that those changes could represent cancer.

Please don't hesitate to see your doctor with any concerns; early detection is key. Until there's a cure, it's all we've got. One more thing: Breast Cancer Awareness also means being aware that it strikes men too.

Thanks for listening,