It's the first week of October, and if you're planning to make a big purchase this month, check THIS out first.  Here are the five BEST and WORST things you can buy this month.  First, the five best.

1.  A new car.  Most of the dealerships started selling their 2020 models last month, so the prices on their 2019 models should go down now.

2.  Tickets for a cruise.  Cruises in the Caribbean are always SUPER cheap in October.  But that's partly because the weather's kind of unpredictable.

3.  iPads.  Apple is expected to announce their new iPad models.  And in the past, older models have always dropped in price about 20% when that happens.

4.  Camping gear.  It goes on sale because camping season is pretty much over.  The only things that DON'T go on sale are cold-weather things, like down sleeping bags.

5.  Pizza.  It's not clear why, but pizza places LOVE offering deals this time of year.  Maybe because of football?  In years past, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's all offered their best coupons in October.


As far as the WORST things to buy this month, stay away from appliances . . . cold-weather clothing . . . electronics . . . big-screen TVs . . . and laptops.  All of those things go on sale NEXT month for Black Friday.

Are you planning on making any major purchases in October? Or are you thinking of going shopping and seeing what you can find?

Shoppingly yours,