The University of Central Missouri announces the UCM Housing Grant Program, a new program available to the first 200 students.  To qualify  students must submit their residence hall agreements before May 1, 2019 to UCM and meet eligibility criteria.

According to a story at, first-time freshmen or transfer students seeking their first undergraduate degree and are planning to attend the university in fall 2019 or in spring 2020 are elibigible to apply.

According to the story the grant program wil help students who are struggling financially. This will be accomplished by reducing the cost of their on-campus housing. Not only will will the grant help with affordable student housing but also possibly help students to do better academically. It has been learned in the past that on-campus housing is a key to better learning.

A student must submit a completed residence agreement by the May 1 deadline along with their completed FAFSA in order to qualify.

Visit for more information.

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