Sometimes you can convince yourself that a pizza is going to taste good just by the way it looks.  A study by the Institute of Food Technologists say that what people like to see is a golden cheese pie with both dark toasted-cheese patches and glistening oil in other spots.
Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how to attain it? IFT researchers think they’ve got the right formula, which was developed through a machine vision technique rather than mere human trial-and-error.   By using different cheeses, the perfect-looking gourmet pizza can be attained by mixing cheeses such as Gruyere, Emmental and provolone with mozzarella, giving the pie a less burnt appearance.

To achieve color uniformity, the pizza also needs the right amount of elasticity, free oil, moisture, water activity and transition temperature.  This entire analysis is available to pizza makers.

Since it sounds complicated, it's best to leave it to the pros. I like to simplify the whole thing anyway - if it looks like it's got something on it that I like, that's good enough for me. But this topic will never truly settle in the Moreland household.


Husbando is dead set against having any kind of pineapple on his pizza.  He will shoot me disgusted looks if I even consider the idea.  But I like Hawaiian pizza! It's sweet and salty and that's the way I like a lot of things.  But no, it has to be pepperoni - or maybe mushroom and pepperoni for him (gag, btw - Mushrooms are groooooossss).  It's like black and white, no pineapple can be anywhere near a pizza for him.  And if I think about ordering a pizza with anchovies? No way.  I will never, ever hear the end of it.  I miss you, anchovies.  At least pineapple pizza could be allowed in the house, but no - that's the one strict rule he has.  No anchovy pizza in our house (I have ordered it when he's out of town though, lol).

So let's settle this - is pineapple acceptable on a pizza or not?

Pizza-ly yours,


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