Man, what a week, it was crazy.  Yes, it was snowing at DQ last weekend during Christmas in July.  It was a blast, lots of people enjoying that great food and all of the giveaways, it was just like Christmas with the music, movies and decorations.  I think Santa was close.

Then it was off to the Pitmaster BBQ contest at the Smithton fair.  I was a judge, and let me tell you, it was hard work,  You have to taste each item, and there were two full meals of BBQ in small bites.  It was some of the best food that I've had anywhere.  The competition was twice as big this year and they're planning on getting even bigger next year.We'll keep you informed on more upcoming community contests.

After the BBQ contest, it was off to Knob Noster for the grand opening of the Hitchin' Post Restaurant and Bar.  We were lucky to see this awesome place firsthand.  The restaurant was packed, and everyone I talked to said the food was awesome.  They gave away a ton of free stuff and the bar was jammin' with live music from Your Mom's first gig, and everyone had a great time with the giant dance floor and pool tables.  It's gonna be a hot spot!

Then it was all about the real deal with Jim Cuda Hybrid Mania.  On Sunday, he took us on a guided Hybrid trip, it was great.  I learned a lot, caught lots of great fish in my book, but Cuda was wanting bigger and more fish.  We are going to be posting pics and having more fishing trips.  We'll also be giving away a trip with me and Hybrid Mania.

Until next week, eat, sleep, and fish, or in other words, fish, fish and fish some more.