Kids, I know a lot of you are kind of pouting right now because it's raining outside, and apparently that will dampen some of your plans. MALARKEY, I say!  Your fun isn't ruined!

So what if there's a little rain?  Go ahead and do whatever it is you're gonna do.  Gonna barbeque?  Get creative.  Just jimmy rig a little umbrella to cover the grill.  Wanna go to the lake?  Forget that nonsense. You can do that from your backyard now.  Just go out and sit in some puddles.  That way you can avoid the crowd and just get as wet as you would at the lake.

If you need some suggestions on how to get stuff done via jimmy-rigging, or even to understand what jimmy-rigging is, check out this site: There, I Fixed It.

And, if you're like me, you can just stay in the bed and nap while watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War.  Either way, you win!