Earlier this week I told a story of how one of my friends got revenge on her ex.  I decided that there must be other stories of people scorned that would be interesting, entertaining or both, so I put up a survey asking people for their tale.  I wasn't disappointed.

Here's one of the responses we got:

Well me and my ex husband were getting divorced. He brought his new girlfriend to the court house and went and sat in the wrong court room. Mean while I was in the right one getting divorced. About an hour later I texted him and told he we were divorced and he could leave the court house now. He thought I hadn't showed up for court... nope he was just in the wrong court room. *PRICELESS*

Here's another good one:

Whenever I receive the phishing emails about long lost relatives or winning some foreign lottery, I respond with her full name, date of birth, last known address, SSN, etc. I am sure she is millionaire by now.

The second one actually made me laugh out loud.  Do you have a story about getting revenge on your ex?  Take our survey and tell me about it.