When I was a a kid my weekly allowance was 25 cents. Now I really don't remember if I had a set list of chores that I had to fulfill before got my quarter but I'm sure my mom and dad had plenty for me to do to earn the money.

Now a quarter back in my day went a lot further than it would today. Candy bars were a nickel, some were a dime. A bottle of pop was also a nickel or 10 cents. A comic book was a dime. So you can see that a week's allowance could get you your weekly fill of junk and entertainment. But I also remember having a savings account where I would put in so much money each week into the passbook savings. I do remember I had the total up around fifty dollars at one point. (That's a lot of quarters!) Of course as I got older, the "to-do" list increased but I'm not sure how much the allowance went up.

Now days, I wouldn't even know what the amount would be to give to a child as a weekly allowance. I think I was probably five or six when I started getting my weekly stipend. According to a story I was reading the average starting age for allowance is four years old. To me that's seems too young but I guess if you're four, it doesn't!

In a story from thebalance.com, it states that the average amount that is paid to a four year old is $3.80 a week and $7.10 for an eight year old. If you have any 12 year olds you should be shelling out about $10.40 a week and it tops out at 14 years old and an average of 12.51 per week.

After seeing this if you have very many in the house between 10 and 14 yrs old, you might want to ask for a raise!

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