Jo Dee Messina has battled cancer privately since revealing the news with fans on Facebook last September. In a recent interview she shares some vulnerable details, including that her faith in God has been tested.

But it's clear Messina's faith is as strong as ever. Speaking to the Way-FM Afternoon Show, the singer recalls asking some of the difficult questions she had to ask after being diagnosed. Did she truly believe what she said she believed? Did she believe she'd meet Jesus one day? Did she believe God would provide for her children if she died?

“I had to wrestle with that and say, ‘I am OK with whatever. Because you know best, Father,'" the singer tells hosts Joy Summers and CJ Lusk. Summers confirms to Taste of Country that this interview took place within the last month.

Later, Messina would have another set of painful questions. "I know there was a day ... when it just came tumbling in," she says at the start of the above clip. "I think it was prior to surgery when insurance had lapsed. And my tithing check bounced. Yes, people, my tithing check bounced!"

A legal issue added to the emotional and financial stress partially created from a lack of income because she couldn't tour. "I was so overwhelmed I had to step outside and just pray," she says. She recited God's promises, slowly reminding herself that he still loved her.

“I know my heart loves God so much," she recalls thinking. "I’m like, 'You see my heart. You know that I love you and for those who love you you watch out for.'" While Messina didn't share where she's is with her cancer battle today, she appears to be in a much more confident emotional space. Since sharing the news with fans, she hasn't provided any updates on social media.

Messina and her husband Chris have two sons, Noah and Jonah. Taste of Country reached out for additional information and an update on her cancer battle, but a representative says there is no new information to be shared at this time.

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