Everyone, I love to do little taste tests whenever something new comes out.

Most of the time, it's just a way to try something new without a whole lot of negative consequences.  Or, too much expense. I mean, after all, who wants to try something for the first time, spend a ton of money, and then.... find out you don't like it?

Not me.

So that's why I keep my consequences low, so to speak.  I try to keep my experimental expenditures under ten bucks at a time if I can. But I can get pretty interested, on a small scale.

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So, let's check out our latest small scale taste test!

Doritos has been celebrating 20 years of their "Baja" flavor product line. They started the promotion started in January 2 of this year.  One of the things they did was put out a Baja Fiery Mango flavor, which came out on April 11th for a Limited Time.

First of all, can we look at this design?


I'm not sure why a shark is there, or why the shark has to take a bite of the logo. But I guess that's part of the Baja part that.... I don't get?  I don't know.


I mean, should we be concerned that a volcano is just... erupting into the ocean?  And erupting enough that apparently the entire ocean has now become lava?  What about the shark?  Maybe he's jumping to safety to stop being burned to death!

Anyway.  To the chip.


Looks pretty standard.  Smells very sweet.  Initially, that's kind of all I got from it.  It was so, so sweet in a way that I just don't enjoy in Doritos.  I don't like the Sweet Thai Chili flavor, either.  Now after a few chips, the heat does kick in.  And it kicked in enough that I had to take a break.

Overall, I found this to be a pleasant enough snack, but I couldn't see myself sitting on the couch and absent mindedly eating a bag.  And that, to me, is the most important part of a Dorito being a Dorito, to me.  If you can't snack on it, is it a snack?  To me, not really.

So, overall, it was fun, but... not a regular thing.  So I guess it's good that they're only here for  Limited Time.

Tastily yours,

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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