Aah, yes, December 30th.  What a day in history.

Radio City Music Hall opened in 1932, Howdy Doody first appeared on TV in 1947, and two significant birthdays happened in very different years.


Yes, it's Kim Taehyung's birthday as well, but no, the more important one is Husbando! He's been putting up with me for a few years now, and since he doesn't read this anyway, let's celebrate his birthday in style.

Here he is after spending a good hour on the phone with IRS... and proved them wrong.

Here's his second signature move of approval after the patent pending Moreland Shrug:

I'm not sure why I wanted him to wear the hat after my downtown Friendship Adventure with Jenn, but hey, why not.

Here he is making a face at me at a family party:

Here he is wearing... well, I think it was a packaging bag?  I think that's what it was, I don't remember.  That was back in the early days, in my little apartment that didn't have any insulation.

Aaah, here's a classic.  This is an ostrich costume that he worked for ages on as a kid that doesn't look inappropriate at all.  Nope.

Here he is wearing.. a thing.  I think it's supposed to be something like to protect his eyes while he works on projects or something out in the garage.  You know, dude stuff.

And finally, here's one of him looking all dapper at our wedding.  So that one isn't so much funny, but hey.  He should get one reprieve, right?

Now the question is, since we're going out to celebrate tonight, should I tell the restaurant we're going to that it's his birthday?  Hmm.  On the one hand, he hates people singing to him, so of course that makes me happy.  But, would he really be that annoyed if he gets a little free dessert or something? Maybe.

Happy birthday to my dear Husbando, the random dude I talk about on the show from time to time whether he likes it or not.  Thanks for not being a jerk for all these years, and for putting up with my particular brand of weird. Thanks for spoiling me with your great cooking and cuddles, and also for attempting to laugh at my stupid jokes and songs. Also, you sneeze just like Taehyung, I think it's time you admitted that.  And you should also admit that you probably know who that is now.

Birthdayingly yours,