You can find a ranking and user reviews for almost anything these days. Are you looking for a new power tool? Someone's reviewed it. Want to make sure you pick a great hotel? Just check out Expedia, Trip Advisor, or one of the many hotel review and booking sites. When it comes to restaurants, lots of people love Yelp. So I thought I'd see what Yelp's top five places to get a steak in Sedalia are and if we agree with them.  Let's get to it.

#5 Kehde's Barbeque

Cari A via Yelp
Cari A via Yelp

Kehde's is ranked by Yelp at number five with a four-star review.  When it comes to really good barbeque in Sedalia, it's a must. Yet, steak isn't really Kehde's thing. They do have a great selection of burgers on the menu, and they offer a prime rib dinner and two prime rib sandwiches on the menu.

Cari A didn't specifically review the Prime Rib Sandwich but did have a short review about Kehde's. She gave it five stars and says, "Our waitress, Karen, made our day.  We loved all our eats and will be back. If you're ever in Sedalia, MO, give this BBQ joint a go!"

The review Yelp pulled for Kehde's when I searched steak in Sedalia was one from Ellen R written in 2012 and dealing with Kehde's burgers. " My daughter ordered the Fat Albert, which was the biggest hamburger I have ever seen her take on! It consisted of a 1/3 pound steak burger, ham, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickle.  She devoured it, to the amazement of us and the waitress.  She said it was the best burger she has ever had!"

When I head to Kehde's I usually order the Prime Rib Sandwich or one of their fried Chicken Sandwiches. I don't think you can go wrong with either one and I've enjoyed them both. Yet, if you're really looking for a good steak, you may be able to find better in Sedalia. You can check out Kehde's menu here.

#4 No. 5 Bistro and Bar

Lily K via Yelp
Lily K via Yelp

No. 5 Bistro and Bar is billed on its website as "a fine dining restaurant in downtown Sedalia, Missouri." No. 5 Bistro and Bar gets a four-star Yelp ranking and is the somewhat upscale fru-fru restaurant in the Lamy Building.

Steak and eggs are on their Saturday brunch menu, they offer a french dip sandwich and burgers for lunch, and the french dip, burgers, and a 12-ounce ribeye are all offered for dinner. Unfortunately, the review Yelp pulled for my search for steak in Sedalia from Jessica D. talks about a less than stellar experience at the restaurant, including getting an overcooked fillet, that she had to send back among some other service challenges. Jessica does ultimately give her experience at the restaurant 3-stars and says, "the food was ultimately very good (with the exception of the cold mashed potatoes), and it's a much-needed diversion to the other restaurants here in Sedalia."

Scott A provides a much more favorable review of the restaurant and of the Ribeye. "We shared the Ribeye Special and it was more than enough for two. The butter-cheese mix was perfect on the meat and the twice-baked potatoes were as good as we have ever had." You can check out their menu here.

#3 Colton's Steakhouse and Grill

Don W. via Yelp
Don W. via Yelp

I'm probably biased a little about Colton's, I haven't heard that many good things about it from Sedalians. When I first moved to town, it wasn't one of the places many recommended and that's a trend that's continued somewhat over the years. Yet, drive by there any night, and they do lots of business.

Yelp ranks it the third best place to get a steak in Sedalia, above Kehde's and above No.5 Bistro Bar and Grill. It might be because Colton's is one of two places specializing in steaks on the list. Yet, the trend of Yelp pulling a review that doesn't exactly put the restaurant in a flattering position continues here. Bruce T gets right to the point in this one-star very recent review:

Have eaten at Colton's in Sedalia Missouri many times.  It's our go-to steakhouse.  But last night was the worst experience we have ever had there.  My wife and I ordered the same steak, Ribeye.  My wife ordered hers medium-well with grilled shrimp, I ordered mine medium with sautéed mushrooms and onions.  When they arrived mine had only mushrooms.  Then as I began cutting into it, it was obvious the steak was well done.  In fact, some of it was past well done and on its way to being charcoal.

Don W gives it three stars but comes to the conclusion that the restaurant is more about a flashy, gimmicky building and a convenient place to get a mediocre steak that tastes like it's from a cafeteria. Truthfully, the more stars someone gives Colton's, the less detailed the reviews are. While many don't seem to absolutely hate Colton's, people seem to have issues with something when they eat there. How this ranks at number three on Yelp's list I don't know.  Here is Colton's menu.

#2 Ivory Grille

Lisa T via Yelp
Lisa T via Yelp

The Ivory Grille actually has a section of their menu dedicated to steaks and chops, so while not specifically a steak house. If you're looking for a steak, this might be the place. They offer Filet Mignon and a Ribeye every night, and Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday nights. They even offer a vegetarian cauliflower steak and a variety of rubs, sauces, and toppings for their steaks.

Yelp gives the Ivory Grille four stars, and the reviews, are actually really good. Including the review Yelp highlighted for me. Eric M says of his experience, "My steak was excellent and cooked as I'd requested (though not evenly).  Great baked potato and asparagus. House salad was nice."

Wendy C says, "I had the best filet of my life Saturday. It was seasoned to perfection, with a delightful crust. It melted in my mouth! The service and quality of food we received is not easy to come by these days."

Not to mention this good review from Lisa T. "Then we had the red snapper and sirloin, portions were huge and so good. Hats off to Chef Chris."

That's not to say everyone has had a perfect experience with the Ivory Grille. Ken M thought the staff was rude. Megan S thinks the food is subpar for a high-end restaurant and even Emily B's three-star review felt the staff could be warmer.

#1 Little Big Horn

Little Big Horn via Yelp
Little Big Horn via Yelp

If there was a place in town where I'd probably be inclined to go get a steak, it's Little Big Horn. While their website promotes them mostly as a BBQ joint, I have to be honest, my impression of the restaurant has a lot to do with steak and beef. It might be because their steak sandwich is delicious and in my opinion, doesn't disappoint. It might be because the chicken fried steak I got and the grilled pork chop Kathy got was excellent and huge. Or it might be the open-faced roast beef smothered in gravy that's terrific.

There aren't a lot of Yelp reviews for Little Big Horn, although it ranks #1 for steak in Sedalia. Plus, most of the reviews are talking about other items on the menu and their BBQ, which generally gets positive, but not what I'd call rave reviews.

They do have some five-star reviews of the overall experience:

"Ordered the chicken dinner that came with a salad ( which had REAL shredded cheese Omg...right..I know) the dinner was excellent and the wait staff was even better A+++++" -Gwen S.

"A little crowded for my taste but the food is good. Prices are average. Service was friendly. A little confusing but I think they were short staffed the day I was there." -Todd D.

"Probably the best food in Sedalia and reasonably priced.  It's noisy, but it's worth it!" -Rick T.

You can check out Little Big Horn's website here, although there isn't an online menu to look at.


I'm not sure I agree wholely with Yelp's rankings. Especially placing Colton's at #3 on the list, perhaps I'd rank that at #4 or #5. Based on the experience my friends and I have had at dining in and around Sedalia, though, it's hard to argue with Ivory Grille and Little Big Horn at numbers two and one. I hear a lot more positive things about these two restaurants, and they don't seem as polarizing as a place like No. 5 Bistro and Bar or Colton's.

You tell me, what do you think? Is this list on the money?

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