This is probably one of those things that everyone knows, and I'm the last one privy to the info.  I know I tend to live under a rock, but....

Well, I guess it's like anything else, I didn't notice this was an issue until I needed said service.  Let's unpack this whole thing.  So I got in my car the other day and noticed my tire pressure light was on.  And that's no big deal.  It happens a lot in spring and fall, as the temperatures go and up down, that can mess with your tire pressure.  No Big.

So I went to go check my tires and maybe fill them up at the HyVee in my boyfriend's neighborhood.  Worked just fine.  Get back home, all is well.  Monday rolls around... tire pressure light is on again.  Being back in Sedalia, I start to drive around a bit to see if I can put a little more air in my tires before I can get an appointment to get them checked (Don't worry, it's sorted now).

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And here is where my troubles began.  I went from gas station to gas station, service station to car wash, and...nothing. I found the old machines that USED to check your tire pressure and put air in your tires, but... none of them worked.  Some of them were disabled.  Some were just gone altogether.  I did find an air machine, but I had to pay TWO DOLLARS for the privilege of using it.  What the heck is going on?  To the internet!

I checked the Google and saw there is a user submitted website that logs where you can get free air at gas stations based on your zip code.  And I'd link you to that, but... it's wrong.  Or at least, it is right now.  The website says that all the local Casey's stores provide air in Sedalia, La Monte and Green Ridge.  Now admittedly, I didn't go to Green Ridge or La Monte, or every Casey's in Sedalia. I went to a few (maybe three Casey's and a few other regular gas stations), and the ones I went to had no air machines.  Again, I didn't go to every store, because I was worried about my tire pressure and decided to just cave and plunk out the couple bucks.   But the thing is, I remember not even that long ago being able to rock up to just about any gas station(if not every gas station I frequented, anyway) and using those machines.

But I remember being able to get air at almost every gas station in Sedalia at some point.  What happened?  When did it change? Do we not need it any more? Is it too much of a risk for the stores or something? Am I just out of my mind and there's a really obvious free air machine somewhere?

Tiringy yours,

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