We've known the city was going to be doing some work on the pipes for a while now. 

I didn't know everything, like the size of the pipes, for example.   But I at least knew it was coming and they say it's pretty badly needed.  And now, we're seeing that there are a few interruptions to our travel plans.

It's not a huge deal to me.  Yeah, I had to re-route myself when they were working on Broadway and South Grand.  And yes, I have to kind of steer away from the big hole cover thing by 7th and Grand.  Slight inconvenience. And everybody I've talked to about it has been understanding, knowing that the crews are working hard and getting stuff done.

So why does all that go out the window when we're in our cars?  I was driving at the very corner in question, Broadway and Limit, on my lunch break.  You know the spot, where they have things reduced to one lane. And it was like there was not a single driver who would let the other lane merge.  Not one. Well, other than me. I let what I'm guess they call a Trike ahead of me. But nobody else was.  I guess they merge eventually, but isn't it a nice little gesture to just slow down a little and let somebody in?

Is it something that we just don't notice?  Is it something that annoys you? Do you let cars merge in front of you around town?  You know, like when someone's pulling out of McDonald's on Limit. I find that what I'll do is I'll let one go, then take my turn.  Now if somebody's trying to FORCE me to let them merge, that ain't happenin.  That applies for everywhere, not just on Limit. Maybe that means I'm a jerk.

Traffickingly yours,