This may not be a politically correct story I'm writing but hey, it's my keyboard and it's my opinion. I'm tired of my childhood cartoon characters disappearing before my eyes.

The latest that I've seen is Pepe' Le Pew. I understand there are some that are taking a stand because of some of the antics of the testosterone induced skunk but come what point do we say enough is enough? As Pepe would say...Sacre' Bleu!

A couple of weeks ago it was Mr. Potato Head. He must be taken off the shelves! It's getting to where I'm afraid that there will be nothing available to watch or to buy from my past. It will mysteriously disappear into never-never land.

Compared to some of the video games that are out there with graphic violence, how does a cartoon character warrant being banned?

When I was a kid I used to watch Tom and Jerry along with Heckle and Jeckle.Two different cartoons and both had a lot of hitting, slapping, dragging, eye-poking fun. Did this make me want to go out and do the same thing to the kids on the playground in first grade? No, it was entertainment. You probably have an opinion on the violence level on some of the cartoons that were once aired on television but I'll go back to the video games games of today with the graphic violence and the vulgarity that's spewed.

As an older adult that's been around the block once or twice and has experienced the good and the bad in life, I'm shaking my head and wondering what's next?

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