I've always been a big fan of slang.  It's just something that I've always thought was interesting.  And I know that the English language has more of it than most any other language out there. I've been a big fan of old movies and cartoons since I was little.  I always loved how Bugs Bunny would call someone "Doc" or when Nick and Nora Charles would "give someone the business".  I still say "now you're cookin with gas" and I'm sure I got that from Daffy Duck.

And sometimes I find myself repeating terms I heard when I spent time in England - for example, when something is stolen, I don't normally say that, I say it "got nicked".  So we all have our things we like to say.

But I do catch myself bristling at some of the slang I hear from the young people these days. The girls are always telling me that someone got "cancelled" or something or other.  I mean, what is "Bae"?  Is that even a word?  And I could probably live the rest of my life without ever hearing someone refer to something as "Swag".  Maybe I'm just old.  And don't use the word "HASHTAG" just in conversation.  That, just... no.  Stop.

Anyway.  I thought I'd ask you guys about the slang terms you hear a lot and what bugs you about em.  If there was one slang term, a word or a phrase, that you could wipe off the face of the Earth forever, what would it be?

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