I do dream sometimes, but... rarely do they get this odd. It's so weird I have to tell you about it now while I still remember it.  So you know how sometimes you get woken up in the middle of the night, and then you think you'll never get back to sleep, but you do, and then it's the deepest sleep you could have?  That happened to me.

So it started out in my Grandmother's house out in the country in Smithton. But it wasn't her house really, it was much bigger.  And it was full of people I didn't know.  But we were there and we were staying for a while.  Husbando and I were sharing a huge room with two king size beds with my friend Jenn and her boyfriend Duane.  There were a bunch of gifts everywhere and a huge tv monitor on the wall.  I had my work phone with me, but it had changed into a huge Ipad type of thing, and people kept calling me who I didn't know.

Everyone was getting ready for a big pot luck party.  I asked someone what I could do to help, and they said everything was cooking, so maybe I could straighten up the kitchen.  But when I went in there, it was all clean and organized, and there was, like a mini supermarket worth of stuff for the party. A lot of it was still in the packaging, and everyone had written their names on it.  I felt like I couldn't contribute because I didn't bring anything that had my name on it.  There were some cans there that had writing I didn't understand with a note that said, "You can only model with this if you are over the age of 32".

There were kids everywhere and I didn't know any of them, but they all wanted to play with me.  Then there was a computer game (that's appeared in other dreams of mine, I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist) that I was playing with this little boy.  He had to leave, so I gave him an old cell phone of mine that only called out emergency numbers, but connected to wifi so he could play games.  But the phone looked like one of those old indestructible Nokias we all had?

Then the house got all smoky, and we started opening windows.  I saw where the smoke was coming from - for some reason the kitchen had doubled in size and now they were making several suckling pigs? I saw my Gramma (my dead relatives are always alive in my dreams), looking kind of skinny but comfortable,  at the end of the kitchen, lounging in a shopping cart with two dogs in her lap. I asked her how she was and she said she was great.

I went outside and saw a huge bonfire and even more people.  Then, Martin Bashir, you know, the guy who did the "Living with Michael Jackson" interview?


He came up to me with Joe Kenda (the detective from Investigation Discovery) and they told me that everyone was in danger and we had to find the serial killer that was on the property without anyone else knowing.


I mean, of course I'm going to trust Joe Kenda, right?

So we left to an amusement park/airport/pharmacy type of place.  Things get a little fuzzy there but I remember we were being chased by the killer and I was panicking because I had left all my communication devices and my husband behind, but Martin had a very authoritative air, and told me that Joe knew what he was doing. Then we see the killer in the...whatever that place was, so we had to start going through a sort of obstacle course to get away.  I don't remember where, but somehow along the way Kim Seokjin joined our party.


We were all in this tiny little, almost post office truck thing, trying to get away from this killer, and Martin was driving all erratically.  I remember specifically that Jin was talking to me, in English, and having a hard time with it but trying to convince me we would be okay.  So we started to go back to the house when a UPS type of truck pulled up next to us. Only you could see almost all the way into it? And I realized it had a lot of the kids from the party in it, as well as my sister and my cousin Danielle.  They were waving to us, then they disappeared down into a tunnel like thing, and gave us a handsign (some kind of maybe ASL) that I don't remember but told us that they were okay.

Joe, Martin, Jin and I headed back to the house to confront the killer.  Joe went around the back to try to sneak up but my Grandmother's dogs were everywhere.  Jin and I went in and found the house to be completely empty, but... dirty in a way that suggested the party happened.  Paper plates and cups everywhere, toys on the floor, napkins and two liters everywhere.

We walked into the kitchen, and it was my Gramma's old kitchen again.  The killer was sat at the table, waiting for us.  He said, "It's got to be one of you".  Then, Joe burst in the back door with a gun, Jin pushed me back and stood in front of me, and then... I woke up.

Isn't that just crazy? I have no idea what was going on there.  And I think I lost bits and pieces of it as I was writing it out.  I sometimes get random people in my dreams, but I didn't know it was Martin Bashir in my dream until I woke up - and really, I have no idea why he was there.  I get Joe Kenda, I watch his show. I get Kim Seokjin, he's my favorite of BTS and I'm seeing his concert this week.  But why Martin? I haven't thought about that guy in like, ten years. And why were they making suckling pigs? 

Do you remember your dreams? What's the strangest one you remember?

Dreamingly yours,