Guys. You know I have this habit sometimes where I'll go online and look at houses for sale.It's not like I'm going to be actually BUYING any of these places. It's just nice to look at the photos and daydream, you know? Really, I'm happy with my little two bedroom place (even if we may be doing some renovations next year).  But... isn't that just the nature of everybody?  We like to look.  Maybe imagine ourselves in someplace that you'd never dream of.

Well, the other day I wrote about how the Sedalia Parks and Recreation are doing some lifeguard instruction courses.  And I knew they would have to be held at the indoor pool at the Middle School, which inspired my search.

Well.  I've found The Place, you guys. Fourteen bedrooms.  Nine bathrooms. Game room.  Seven car garage.  Three car carport. And, the kicker..... AN INDOOR POOL.

Okay okay, it's almost five million dollars and I get that I will never be able to afford that, but dang if it ain't pretty to look at.  But hey, if you've got five million and you're looking to move to LaDue... you might want to contact your real estate agent.

LaDue Mansion

Anyway, somebody obviously worked hard to be able to afford this place, and to do the six million dollars worth of renovations to it to turn it into this gorgeous mansion.  And that's what it is. A literal mansion.  I didn't even show you like, more than a third of it.  Maybe one day I'll hit the big time or the lottery or something but in the meantime I'll just look on in appreciation.

Poolingly yours,


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