I know, a lot of times people think of the Easter Bunny or finding eggs or going to church when they think about this time of year. 

For me, though, Easter and Halloween are the best candy holidays.  They just are. Sure, you can enjoy some sweets at Thanksgiving.  Christmas cookies are good.  Sure. But no, they really pull out all the stops two times a year.

And sure, there are a lot of great Easter themed candies out there.  Husbando loves the Reese's Eggs.  And the Reese's Carrots (although I haven't seen any this year).  But really, anything from that company, he'll eat.  The Cadbury Cream Eggs are a little controversial in our house: I love them, He hates them.

When I was a kid, I loved the little chocolate eggs you'd get, the Robin Eggs?  They were like bigger M&M's, but pastel.  Even as a kid I hated Peeps.  I still don't like them. Husbando is with me on that one, he hated Peeps so much as a kid that his Mom would buy them for him as a joke just to see his disgusted face.

But now, now I am an adult.  I have my own bank account, I put away the clean dishes all by myself, and I can decide what kind of candy we have in my ceramic turkey that I will always call a chicken, even though he is clearly a turkey. These, my friends, are the best Easter candy that has ever been invented in the history of ever, and I have to put on my Adult Hat when I see them or I will buy ten bags every year.


Specifically these.  The Starburst Jelly Beans in FaveReds.  I can't have any surprises, I want the red ones and the red ones only.  I know it doesn't really  make a lot of sense, but I just love em.  And the best part?  Husbando won't touch them.  He likes strawberry, he likes cherry, but he HATES watermelon with the burning passion of a thousand suns.  So he won't eat them, in case he gets a watermelon flavored one.

That means they're mine, all mine.  I just gotta, you know, exert some self control.

What's your favorite Easter candy?  Do you have any around the house right now?

Candily yours,


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