One time, I wanna say it was last year, I was at a loss for things to write about, blog wise. Well, it's kind of a daily struggle, if I'm honest.  I don't want to talk about certain things because I don't know enough about them.  So I don't want to get something wrong, you know? So I tend to steer clear of stuff that's a little out of my depth.   But I also don't wanna write about the same things all the time, you know?  So today I'm going to re-try an idea I tried back then.

Stream Of Conciousness.

I'm just gonna write whatever comes into my head for a few minutes, and we'll see if it's any good.  That's pretty funny.  I mean, what goes on in my head is... limited.

It's pretty quiet here.  Sure, the radio's on, but almost nobody's here.  Most people  have come back to work but some of them are still at home.  I've gotten used to the quiet, if I'm honest.  It almost feels like there's an intruder if I see anybody other than the regulars.

I wonder if it's causing me stress.  My dad says my mom used to sleepwalk when she was stressed.  That's what the doctor said, too.  Maybe it's unconscious stress? I don't really seem to feel stressed out. Is that a thing? Can you be stressed out and not know it?

I don't know. I know that the well doesn't go too deep for me, if you get what I mean.  So maybe ti's something else.  Sleep apnea? He said that might be a thing, too.

I woke up last night at like, 2:00 a.m.  I couldn't really get back to sleep. I almost gave up at 4:30 and came in, but... I decided to try to sleep anyway.  I kind of did, it was Strange.  Like, I was awake, but I knew I was dreaming? I knew I was awake because I could hear me snoring every now and then.  Wait, how is that a thing.  Is it a thing to be half awake and half asleep?

WAIT I didn't install the news. I need to do that.

Good, done.  Got it just in time, right before.  The news was a little much today. I know I'm only typing up reports, but it always feels busy when there's more than like, twenty stories.  Today it was over 30, I stopped counting at 30 anyway.  I know it's over more than one day but dang, that's a lot.

What else do I have to do.  There's nothing that I can do in production at the moment.  No new stories from the music sites.  That's been a little down lately, I think everyone is just on edge with the protests.  I guess it seems silly to write about other things for them.  Well, then, GUESS WHO'S SILLY?!  Me.

Oh, new TikTok from that one guy.  Jushy.  He's funny.

I guess I could go disinfect the studio again. I've only got another hour before I leave.




Well.   That was... not interesting.  Sorry, ya'll.  Sometimes your mind is just blank. The creative part of me just didn't make it to work today.  I'll go back to scouring the internet for weird stories and stuff tomorrow.

Bloggingly yours,

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