I hate to sound all "first world problems" about it, but... I just don't like driving Husbando's car.

I like MY car, and well, I had to let him take it this Sunday.  He was going to down Columbia for the night, and the tire pressure light was on. I didn't want him driving it on the highway in case he had a blow out.  Turns out it was just the change in weather, and the tire's fine, and I drove his car for one miserable day.  Why don't I like it? I mean, it's a good car.  Don't get me wrong.  But it's just... not my car and I don't like it. Here's why.

The lock sensor is only on his driver's side door, and it's slow. I keep thinking it's not working but it is, it's just slow.

No automatic seats!  What is this malarkey!

You have to push a button to park it.  Why?

He's got a bunch of just... junk in it.  I don't keep a lot of clutter in my car.

He has no jams! I had to burn a CD for the day, because that's unacceptable.

His car door handle is in the wrong spot. I kept reaching down for it, and it's not there.

And, the window controls are all messed up.  I would reach to open the window, and the back windows open.

All in all, I will very happy to have my little car back. He says he really is digging driving my car.  WELL, TOO BAD.  You can't have it.  If he tries to take it, I'll fight him for it.

Drivingly yours,