We all know that milk has an expiration date, and there's a couple of other items that we watch fairly close to see when they should be used before they expire. (Or so we think) For food items, that's only natural.

I ran across a list of non-food items on rd.com that had expiration dates and I never would have figured they would have them. So here's that list...you're probably going to be as surprised as I was!

--Car Seats - Many wouldn't think of car seats having an expiration date but it is posted on the car seat. You can look at the bottom of the seat for the date. Manufacturers post these dates to make sure it's still safe for your infant/child.

--Motor Oil - This is one that I never thought about. You would think it would be good forever but oil starts to break down and at about the five year mark it starts to go bad. So you may want to chuck that can/bottle that you inherited from your dad.

--Sunglasses - Yep, sunglasses. who would of thunk it?!?! Now if you're now pulling out your shades and looking for an expiration date, you won't find it. Your sunglasses become less effective as they become older thus blocking less U rays.

--Toothpaste - I haven't looked at the tube in my bathroom but I guarantee I will when I get home after work today! About two years is the lifetime for a tube.

Last but not least on my list of items is...drum roll please...Bar Soap! You might see an expiration on the box/container that it comes in but then again, maybe not. According to the info from Reader's Digest, about three years and then it's effectiveness starts to dissipate.

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