We have failed you. We just couldn't pull our weight. We are overly sensitive. We are entitled. We can barely keep a conversation. Our phones are our best friends. My generation has failed, we have allowed technology to take over our lives. We look at our phones all day, and now we don't even type words anymore. We communicate with stupid faces. 

First, to anyone who is reading this, I know that my generation isn't the only ones who use emojis to communicate. I just think we are the ones that started the trend. In fact, I know we aren't the only ones who use them. A lot of people use emojis because The Oxford Dictionary just made an emoji the word of the year. That's right, the word of the year is a picture (I think I just heard your groan from here).

The smiley that's laughing so hard tears are coming out of its eyes is the specific emoji that was chosen for the Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year. Apparently, it's the most used emoji in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The main reason they chose the emoji as the word of the year is because texting has become the main way that we communicate. I guess the "laughing so hard that tears are coming from my eyes" emoji is fitting for today's society, they say you have to laugh to keep from crying. Our society is so messed that we can do both.