Sometimes driving in Missouri isn't for the faint of heart. I'll submit the section of I-435  near our border with Kansas. Lots of traffic, multiple lanes, lots of exits, and everyone seemingly going at least 10 miles over the speed limit. I-435 isn't an easy drive at all. Yet, while it does make some lists as one of Missouri's most dangerous roads. It's not the most dangerous in Missouri.

That honor goes to US 63. This vs. That listed this highway as Missouri's most dangerous. If you're not familiar with US 63, it runs north-south in Midwest, and from end to end you can travel from Lake Superior in Minnesota all the way to Interstate 20 in Louisiana, the junction with Interstate 20 is between Shreveport and Monroe.

On the way, US 63 passes through Rochester, Minnesota; Waterloo, Iowa; Otummua, Iowa; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; El Dorado, Arkansas, before terminating at I-20 in Ruston, Louisiana. In Missouri, US 63 runs through Kirksville, La Plata, Moberly, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Rolla.

This vs. That says there are 18 traffic fatalities on US 63 every year and "From 2008 to 2017, there were 158 crashes and 179 fatalities. "  Doing a Google search also brings up plenty of websites that cite US 63 as the most dangerous in the state.

The dubious honor seems to go to US 63 based on a study of the most dangerous roads in America from Geotab. In Missouri, US 63 had the worst fatal crash rate in the state.

That said, there's no shortage of other dangerous drives throughout our state. Many attorneys, most I would assume practicing personal injury, have articles on their sites naming other dangerous routes.

Some of these routes include Interstate 70, which Cofman Townsley cites as "One of the deadliest highways in the United States." Cottrell lists I-435 around Kansas City as one of the most dangerous. As well as US 54 in Jefferson City. Cotrell says, "Many of the collisions on this highway are due to wrong-way drivers." While Interstate 44 and Interstate 55 make the list from Dempsey, Kingsland, and Osteen.

The takeaway, when it comes to data, is US 63 is the most dangerous in Missouri. That said, depending on where you're driving in Missouri, there are plenty of roads that can eat your vehicle up, or worse kill you.

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