Our annual Big Buck contest has begun.  Here are all the rules you'll need to know.

The entry fee is $10 a person for each class.  The classes include Archery, Rifle and Youth.  The archers might get lucky and take a second buck.  If you do that, there’s a $10 entry fee for that second class.Make checks payable to “MO Kids Outdoors” & drop off with pre-registration form at KXKX Studios, 2209 S. Limit in Sedalia.

All of the proceeds from the Big Buck Contest will be split between MO Kids Outdoors and Dream to Ride, a therapeutic riding organization for adults and children with special needs.


  • This contest and all rules are subject to the laws and hunting regulations of the state of Missouri.  All contestants must be legally permitted to take deer according to the 2012 Missouri Hunting Regulations.  Valid Missouri Farm permits are acceptable.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • A picture of the deer must be submitted showing the deer’s antlers and a ruler, clearly visible.  All entries will be assessed and those with what appear to be the largest antlers will be asked to bring the rack in for official scoring.
  • In the event of a scoring tie in any category, the winner will be determined by the date and time of entry submission.
  • No High-Fence deer harvests are allowed. No out of state deer harvests are allowed.
  • Townsquare Media and its sponsors are not responsible for any injuries or accidents arising from participation in this contest or any related events.
  • Registration fee of $10 must be turned in prior to harvest. One registration fee per category:  Rifle, Archery or Youth. You can enter more than one category for $10 entry fee each time. Archers turning in a 2nd buck entry must turn in a second entry fee.
  • Any antlered deer may be entered, regardless of gender.
  • Only deer harvested during the 2012 season during the dates below are eligible for prizes.



  • Archery: May be entered by any hunter with a valid Missouri Archery Deer permit. The archery portion of the contest will run from September 15th, 2012 to January 15th, 2013 and entry deer must be tele-checked not later than January 15.
  • Firearms: May be entered by any hunter with a valid Missouri Firearm Deer permit. The firearms portion of the contest will run from November 10th 2012 to November 20th, 2012 and entry deer must be telechecked not later than November 20.
  • Youth: May be entered by any person under the age of 16 with a valid Missouri Youth Deer permit, and properly supervised by an adult with permission of a parent or legal guardian.



We’ve got some awesome prizes from our sponsors this year.  Hunters in the Rifle class will have a chance to win a Savage Axis in your caliber from Vincent’s Gun and Pawn.  Rusty Toad Archery has provided a Bowtech CPX Insanity bow for the winner of the Archery class and a Bowtech Youth Bow for the winner of the youth class.  We also have shoulder mounts from Cummings Wildlife Studio and Anderson Taxidermy and a European mount from Charlie’s Taxidermy.