Well, it was a great Saturday (Oct. 12), showing support at the Sedalia courthouse and being a member of the 40 & 8.  I’m proud to say that I’m a veteran.  Now with that said, we held a veterans' rally at the same time the rally was going on in Washington D.C., where rally members picked up the barricades and carried them to the White House in protest of the shutdown of the memorials and the treatment of our veterans.

Our rally wasn't that crazy.  We were at least a 100 strong, but it was put together at the last minute. We heard stories from our veterans on what it used to be like and how they feel betrayed by those in charge. Missouri State Rep. Stan Cox was there with a great speech about what we as Americans can do to end this kind of treatment to our war heroes.

I took my 4-year-old grandson to the event.  He held his own flag and waved it the whole time. When he gets older, he will realize that it is disgusting that the United States of America would be in a situation that we put rallies together to protest the government that drafted people and said, "You are going to fight for our country," but has turned their back on the very ones that gave us our freedom.

No other president has caused more pain in my opinion to the U.S. military than our present puppet. I can’t even call him our president, maybe a dictator, but yet we still send aid to these country's that hate us and we can do that because they say it is a humanitarian cause, while our own veterans are put on hold and children are in need of services, along with all the homeless and unemployed Americans.  I would say that we need some humanitarian aid right here at home.  If all the aid we have sent to these countries was paid back, we wouldn't even be having this issue.

Then they want to control our health care. The same ones that give our hard earned taxes to other countries thinking it’s the right thing to do. Stop building other countries and start rebuilding the U.S. to the leader that it was.

There’s a saying that nice people finish last. Well, we the people are tired of being last.  Let’s take back what has been taken from us and put the United States of America back at the top of the food chain.