All in all, across the country, close to $1 Billion was sent out from the federal government to farmers across the United States. So how much was sent to farmers  in Missouri and more specifically, Pettis, Johnson County, and surrounding counties?

If you're interested in seeing the monies sent to different farmers, whether it's in another state or county, you can check it. Also included in the information is a commodity choice, i.e., corn, cotton, dairy, hogs, sorghum, dairy and wheat.  A database supplied by the United States Department of Agriculture is available. This database was supplied to the Associated Press.

According to the story from the Kansas City Star, the amounts paid on local farms are from collected data, and in some cases checks were sent to out-of-state owners.

With a quick check of the numbers in Missouri, nine out ten payouts were to soybean farmers. Missouri's highest payout is just shy of $200,000.

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