So kids, a while back I asked you guys what you've been using your mobile devices for.  Now me, I guess I'm simple and I don't have much need for fancy internettin' on the go.  I have a laptop and a desktop, and that seems to be good enough for me.  Boyfriendo, meanwhile, has a fancy phone AND a tablet, and God knows what he uses those for.  I don't think I want to know. Anyway, I DO want to know about what you use it for!

Most of you were pretty average in what I think people use their.... tech thingy for.  In fact, some of the most popular answers were things like texting, alarm clocks, maybe GPS or navigation and photos.

I stay in contact with family through text and email on my phone.

So that seems pretty normal, or at least how I use it. Maybe how I see normal shouldn't be, you know, taken with any major consideration.  I'm a wierdo, I know that.  But let me dream of being normal, or at least close to it.

To get on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, vine. I also use the GPS on my phone.

See, I guess I'm just not fond of looking at those websites on a small screen like that. But, if you're on the go, it's got to be handy.

I mainly use it for texting, calling and facebook. Occasionally, I play a game and when I am working, I check the latest national news such as on Fox news to see what is going on. I also check the weather and if there is bad weather out. 

Yet another pretty practical, no nonsense answer.  It seems like most of you guys don't really goof off as much as the national survey indicated.  And, of course, there's bound to be a LITTLE malarkey, right..........

I use mine for talkin', textin', sextin'.

Well, that's pretty much all I think I need to know.  But you can fill out our poll too, and join the conversation anytime!  Maybe you can even do it on your phone.