We always like to feel the pulse of the community. It's the important topics that help us to move along through the day. Well, not really. It's the coffee. Yep, coffee. It's just that plain and simple. So with that being said we want to know your selection of morning go-go juice.

You have many options on where you can purchase your cup each and every day. Whether it's a big cup of the hot brew to start your day or a quick purchase in the afternoon to give you the necessary caffeine to help you survive the rest of the afternoon, what do you mix in to your java?

For most It's the golden elixir that gets us up and going every morning. For some we feel like we can't make it without a cup or two. For others it's not that big of a deal. What does coffee do for you each and every morning?

It's an age old question but we'll ask it again. For some some it has to be black and strong enough that the spoon stands straight up in the cup. For others has to be laced with creamers and/or flavors. Some say take out the caffeine. (Wait, why even drink it?  It's coffee!)

For some of us it's 2 or 3 cups in the morning and we're good. For others it's an all day thing. It's what keeps us chugging throughout the day.

Give us your answer on your favorite way to enjoy your cup of Joe:

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