We've either been one or have seen angry customers. We're hoping it's been more on the side of you've seen, and not been. What is it that sets people off and makes them go ballistic over customer service and/or purchases? 

At one time or another, we have had something happen that has set us off. Have you ever been on the other side of the counter and received the brunt of an angry customer? The one thing we never look forward to is dealing with an upset or angry customer.

According to an article in the salesresourcecenter.com, it's not the intention of business owners to lose business due to an angry customer.

Here are a few tips to remember-

Don't Take it Personally...the customer most likely isn't upset with you. You're just in the line of fire. Don't take it personal or you'll most likely become defensive and argumentative with the customer.

Empathize...If you were in the customer's shoes, how would you respond to the situation at hand?

Apologize...You can never go wrong with apologizing to the customer and trying to correct the problem at hand.

Don't Blame...It only makes the matter worse. Acknowledge the the problem and try your best to fix it.

Gary Radler
Gary Radler

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