It's not often that you go golfing and smack dab in the middle of the course is a cemetery. That's what you'll find at the Walnut Hills Hills Golf Course in Sedalia.

There was a time when a golf course and a club house was built on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. 1903, a small group of Sedalia residents was granted the right to build the course. It was two years later, in 1905, the Sedalia Country Club was formed with 67 members.

A few years later a plot of land was bought adjacent to the fairgrounds for the construction for a clubhouse. Following that in 1907 a nine-hole golf course was laid out on the newly purchased 60 acres.

In 1977, a tornado ripped through Sedalia damaging the Sedalia Country Club along with other properties in the State Fair City. Walnut Hills already had already established the Walnut Hills Surf Club, Inc. in 1963. According to an article from, the facility offered:

"a spacious clubhouse with a snack bar, modern bathhouses, tennis courts, shuffle board, sunning areas with chaise lounges, picnic area, ample parking space for both automobiles and bicycles. An Olympic size swimming pool, a beginners pool and a wading pool...all the privacy of an exclusive club. Lifeguard in attendance at all times."

After the tornado the two clubs merged in July of 1977. Included in the land that was to be used as a golf course was a cemetery.

To say the least, one of the more interesting characteristics of the golf course is the cemetery located in the rough between the 10th, 11th, and 18th holes.  The article describes the cemetery as:

 "the Shobe-Jamison-Quisenberry Cemetery is the final resting place of members of some of Pettis County’s oldest families that were buried between 1859 and 1921."

So the next time you're traveling out West 16th Street/Y Highway, safely look over and take a gander at the cemetery on the golf course. More information on the cemetery is available at

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