I watch a lot of veterinarian's shows.  I love TV shows where they go and treat animals on farms and encounter all sorts of strange new fluids.

I love Dr Pol, I love the Yukon Vet, I love Dr Jeff, you dig it.  And a lot of times on those shows, you'll see them going out to see farmers and ranchers to help them with their animals.  Sometimes it's as simple as helping with some vaccines, sometimes they have to treat feet, sometimes they have to put their whole dang arm in a cow to get a calf out.
One time I saw an episode where one of the docs had to go and treat a horse that someone had just adopted to a rescue farm.  The poor thing was malnourished and skinny as heck, his hair was all patchy, and he could barely eat because of teeth problems.  It was so sad to see, but it was also nice to see because he was finally getting the treatment he needs from people who cared about him.
Well, have you ever thought, "Now how could I possibly help an animal like that?"  I GOT YOU.  You can totally help animals in need right now, right here in our area and have fun while doing it.  What is this magic, you ask?  It's the Whiskey Ridge Rescue Wild West Fest!
Whiskey Ridge Rescue is a horse sanctuary out in Green Ridge. What do they do? They take in horses who have been neglected or abused or hurt or who just couldn't be taken care of anymore.  As you can imagine, seeing as they're a non profit, things can get expensive fast.
We rely on donations to keep our gates open. Between rescuing them from various situations, our biggest need: hay and feed, farrier days, dentals, vetting, training, chiropractor and massage therapy appointments and all the supplies needed to care for the herd, the need for financial support is always there and so appreciated.
So that's why they've decided to have a special event to raise some funds.  The Wild West Fest will be this weekend on the Rescue, which is at 17228 White Road in Green Ridge. The event, on Saturday from 10-4, will have all sorts of stuff for you and the kids to do.  They'll have vendors, a bounce house, pony rides, cow pie bingo, a kid's scavenger hunt, petting zoo, western games, a photo booth, and food trucks. You can tour the barn and meet the horses, too!  And it's only $5 to get in.  Plus, kids get a little loot bag when they come out.  It sounds like a total blast.  If you need more information on the event, you can click on their Facebook.  If you want to find out more about the Whiskey Ridge Rescue, you can go to their website.
I hope everyone has a fun time and that it doesn't rain!
Horsily yours,

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