So many times when we read the paper or look for news on the web, all we see is stuff that's depressing or going to kill you. So I thought today we'd share a happy, inspiring story. It's the story of one kid, Spencer Wilson. Spencer Wilson is a high school student and a cancer survivor from Kernersville, North Carolina. He's beaten cancer twice already (GEEZ, poor guy had to go through High School and cancer?!), and he went through it with the help of his friend Josh Rominger, who also had cancer.

Unfortunately Josh died last year, while Spencer has recovered enough to go back to playing basketball on his school team. Last week Spencer dedicated a game to Josh, and then ended up hitting a game winning shot from 50 FEET AWAY as the clock ran out. Here's a look at a local news report from WXII12 about Spencer and the game.

Not only is that shot amazing, but his spirit is, too. I think we could all take a lesson in strength and perseverance from these kids. And also, it teaches us that sometimes - ya gotta just go for it. Even if your survival rate is 7% or that goal is 50 feet away. Who knows, you might just make it.

Spencerly yours,


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