Want to have kids who are smart and kind? Read to them. That's what an article shared by the Sedalia Literacy Council on their Facebook page says. The article, from Happy You, Happy Family, says reading to your kids 15-20 minutes a day will produce smart and kind children.

Reading to your kids does the following:

  • It improves your child's vocabulary. In the first four years of schooling, most ou tructions your child receives is oral. The kids with the largest vocabulary will understand the most. Especially in the earlier years of their education. Yes, they'll learn words in meanings in school, but the more they know going in the better.
  • The more you read to your child, the more the nureons in their brains will grow and connect together.
  • Reading is essential when it comes to learning. Children who struggle with reading, tend to be less successful in school. Reading to kids develops a love of reading.
  • Reading allowd to your child develops your child's ability to pay attention and concentrate, and can decrease agressive tendencies. Both beneficial to kids in school.
  • You build a stronger bond with your child.
  • When reading fiction to your child it exposes them to different people, different attitudes and different situations -- this can help develop empathy in your child.

So there you have it, read to your kids. They'll be smart and kind. And that's a very cool thing for them and you. Plus they'll think "Tom Sawyer" or "Harry Potter and the  Sorcerer's Stone" is a very cool book!




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