One of the interesting things about the surgeon who saved my wife's life is he ate chili after the surgery. The other thing was he wore Crocs while he was operating. Don't ask me how I remember those things I just do. My point is, many health care professionals like Crocs. While folks can argue over their beauty, or ugliness. Many health care pros find the shoes easy to clean and very comfortable to work in. And right now health care workers can get a pair free.

Each day at 11:00AM CDT at healthcare workers who need a pair of Crocs can get a pair for free, with free shipping. There is a daily limit to the pairs of shoes they can give away, so you probably need to be on the ball and on the site right at 11:00AM CDT evey day to even have a chance at scoring a pair. Additionally, colors, patterns, styles and quantity are subject to availability.

Healthcare workers can find out more information at 

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