There's a lot of serious things happening right now, however, that doesn't mean we don't need a little fun and laughter in our lives. That's why we have your backside covered, literally. As you can see in the picture, we've got toilet paper. Lots of toilet paper and we want you to have it.

Now we didn't go out and stockpile a bunch of rolls of T.P. from stores. That would be bad form when every day, community members are posting on community Facebook pages talking about what stores seem to be out of toilet paper.

No, we just happened to wind up with an extra carton of T.P. that our office manager Teresa suggested we give to listeners. So starting Monday we have your chance to win a roll of toilet paper, and it's the good kind, we promise!

Your chance to win will happen:

  • On Awesome 92.3 during More Music Mornings with Behka from 6AM-9AM every weekday.
  • On Kix 105.7 during the Morning Kix Start with Beau from 6AM-9AM; and every afternoon with Rob between 3PM-7PM with Rob.

How do you win? Be caller #1 or caller #2 when you hear the toilet flush and we tell you to call in and win. Pro tip: You can open our station app, and click the "call us" icon to reach the studio when you hear the cue to call. 

Good luck from the stations that always have a square to spare for you!

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