Ian Viscarra's season appeared to be cut short when he fractured his foot in the second game of the season.

A walking boot, several X-rays, and over a month of rest allowed Ian to return to the field for the first time since Sept. 9 on Thursday night.

Viscarra left a team that was 0-3 and had given up 15 goals in those three games.  He returned to a team that was 10-4 and had only given up two more goals in that entire 11-game span. With a strong defensive back line in place, Viscarra was able to return to his true position as a forward and give the Gremlins the final attacking piece they were missing. Viscarra scored four goals on just four shots in 25 minutes of play against the La Monte Vikings.

Senior Kobey Hill began the scoring with an excellent one touch shot into the corner off a John Ulbrich pass.  Viscarra added two first half goals with assists from Jackson Manning and Lucas Martin.

The second half began with a goal from freshman George Bain IV.  That was GBIV's ninth goal of the season for the team lead. Freshman Jackson Manning scored the first goal, and then Viscarra came into the game to cap off the night with two more goals.  His final goal was a volley finish off a precise cross from Freshman Luke Jenkins for 7-0 victory.

Dallin Chappell made a spectacular back foot save to preserve the shutout for the Gremlins. The Gremlins defense has now had nine consecutive shutouts and have not given up a goal since Sept. 22.

La Monte/Northwest soccer is now 0-9.

The Gremlins are now 11-4 and play undefeated Southern Boone (13-0) Tuesday night at home starting at 5 p.m.

In the photo: Ian Viscarra (11th) and Oswaldo Garcia (10th)

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